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Cookies Policy

Cookie policy for inquiry

All policies we used on our site are issued and governed by web.com policies and provisions.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information that is created by a web browser to gathers information about each browser individual and suggested content according to user interest.

Why do we use cookies on our site?

Cookies are used to collect information from your browser to know your preference and interest and suggest content according to your preferences for better service. By using our site you have allowed us to such cookies as explain further. You can change and manage the cookie according to your preference too there are different categories which you can opt for yourself by emailing on cookies@web.com.

This help to manage your cookies according to your need.

These are the following categories of cookies we use to provide you with different services.

1-Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary if you want to enjoy the further-listed services available on our site areas if you purchase from our site we may be asked to save your information to save you time from refilling the form and remember login information or details of the shopping basket items.

2- Performance cookies

These cookies are used to collect anonymous information about our users. This can be explained that we use google analytic cookies to get useful information on how you visit and browse our site so we can improve our marketing and customer satisfaction services.

3-Functionality cookies

These cookies are used to gather such information that includes your country code, language you used for search, and such parameters as product size, color, product line, and range. This helps you to gather information regards your area of interest and show a more tailored and preference-oriented product.

4- Targeting/Advertising cookies

These cookies are used by 3rd party to record the effectiveness of advertisements on you. How many times do you watch an advertisement, and help to measure the impact of campaign or advertisement.

5- Social media cookie

These cookies are not in our control they gather the information that you have been searching on social media and suggest things up to your taste of interest.

If you have any queries about these you can deactivate these cookies but remember with it you may not enable to enjoy certain area of interest or features. To find out more you can gather information from www.allaboutcookies.org which provides and guide you more for in-depth information.

Use of Beacons

Some of our pages may use web beacons that provide information that how effective is the campaign that gathers such users to our site and what time they visit our site and how much time they stay and log out. These beacons can be used by a third party too.

Contact information

If you want any further detail can contact at cookies@web.com to get information.

Any personal data reach to us by comment or another source will be kept and handled according to our privacy policy.